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  • Tuesday, 15 December 2015

    Video Baby Monitor and Its Benefits

    1. The Video Baby Monitor Watch the Child that is doing what?
    Video monitors provide visual information to parents trying to make that determination. When parents can see that their baby is still lying down with the potential to self-soothe, they may hold out a minute longer before intervening, which is valuable to the training process.

    2. The Video Monitor help to parents to observe the sleeping process of the baby at night.
    Because the baby sometimes plays at night even the parents get in deep sleeping.
    In morning they can understand from the video review, the baby slept at night or not .
    So they can take a better decision about the health of the baby.

    3. Determine the Sleep tracking and proper time
    A video monitor shows parents what's going on even when the child is not crying, which is essential to keeping track of exactly how much sleep a child is really getting.
    Parents can observe the audio tracking and understand the baby’s feeling that what would like to do in which time? .Then they can keep a proper think for the proper time in proper place. According to WebMD, kids 1 to 3 years old require 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day on average, while younger kids need even more. By monitoring quiet tossing and turning, parents can more accurately track their child's sleep in order to make sure they get all the sleep they need.

    4. Cloud Services and Sharing
    In conjunction with convenient Smartphone technology, this enables parents to easily check on their sleepy tots from work, in transit, when out for dinner, or out of town.Parents can also share their private online streaming account log-in information with other people if they want. Some people that parents may choose to share this sensitive information with include close relatives, a nanny, and a reliable neighbor and friend.

    5. Video monitors provide  Security
    Video monitors provide extra security both inside and outside the crib.

    Parents can decide the proper reason for crying, playing, wound, inflation ..ectA video baby monitor is also an effective "nanny cam," for parents to make sure that their kids are getting the level of care they desire, and of course, any room with a window is a possible target for break-ins and burglary. Video baby monitors are just as effective as security cameras when positioned with this benefit in mind.