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  • Tuesday, 12 January 2016

    Do you know why a baby beggar always sleeping?

    Taken from the experience of a journalist, must read!

    Near the station at a big cities sat a woman with an age unknown. Her hair is dirty, her head tertunduk in pain.
    The woman is sitting on a dirty floor and next to it is located a bag. In the bag that people throwing money. At the hands of women, sleep a baby aged two years. The baby dress dirty.
    Many people pass by and will give you the money. We always feel pity on people less fortunate. We are ready to give the poor people that our last shirt, the last of our money in the bag without hesitate.
    I walked past a beggar for a month. Don't give them money, because I know that this is a gang operated and money collected by the beggar will be given to whoever controls beggars in the area, people who have many properties and luxurious car.
    A month later, I was walking past the beggars, the minute I felt surprised.
    Me at the crossing the busy, staring at the baby, dressed as usual very dirty. I realized that it looks strange, find a little kids at a station dirty from morning to evening.
    Her baby to sleep. Never cry or scream, always asleep, burying his face in the knee of a woman who called her mother.
    Whether one of you have children between the ages of 1 TO 3? Do you remember how they can't sleep more than 2 hours at a time? However, these kids are always asleep. Always! Therefore suspicion I grow.
    " why he sleep all the time?" I'm asking (to beggars), Staring at the baby.
    Beggar pretended not to hear me. He's down and hide their faces in-collar jacket shabby. I repeat the question. That woman up top melhat me, im upset with my question.
    "b * NGS * T", her lips mutter.
    Behind me someone put her hands on my shoulders. I look back. The old man was looking at me don't agree: " what do you want from him? You don't see how hard his life?." He took a few coins from his pocket and throws it into the pockets of the beggar.
    Beggars that shows raut face face grateful and sadness in general. That person washed his hand from my shoulder and walked out of the station.
    The next day I called a friend. From my friend, I managed to find that the pengems that is business, although seen spontaneity, clearly organized and supervised by the circle of the organization of the crime.
    The kids used is the son of results "hire" of the family of alcoholics, or kidnapping.
    I need an answer to a question - why the baby to sleep? And I got it. My friend told me with the sound of the quiet, "they were given heroin, or vodka"
    I was astonished. " who is given heroin, or vodka?!"

    He replied, " that kid, so he didn't scream. The woman will be sitting all day with him, imagine how that kid might get bored?"
    In order to make the baby to sleep all day, he dicekokin with vodka or drugs. Of course, the body of children not able to overcome the hard bahan2. And children often killed. The most terrible thing - sometimes children die during the "work day". A "Mother" should be holding the bodies of small children in his arms until the night. This is the rules. And by the people who passed will be given some money into the pockets of beggars, and believe that they do good deeds. Help a single mother.
    The next day, I was walking near the station. I'm bringing the identity of the journalism, and ready to talk seriously. Unfortunately the talks not be rhasil. However, there was this:
    A woman is sitting on the floor and in his hand a little boy. I ask you a question about akte kelairan children, and most importantly, where small children yesterday which he ignored.
    My behaviour of the protest by the people who passed by. I was told that I have been crazy for shouting at the poor beggar with a child. In the end, I dikawal out of the station in infamy. One thing that remains is to call the police. When the police arrived, beggar with the baby disappeared.
    If you see a woman with a child, begging, think before you donate. Think about it, if not because of the hundreds of thousands of voters sedekah, business like this is dead. Business will die and not the kids. Don't see a child who is sleeping with love. See the horror. Because you are reading this article, you know now why the kids sleep in the hands of beggars.
    Please share this. And when you decide again to donate to a beggar, remember that the charity that you can do so death for small children.