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  • Friday, 29 April 2016

    Tamil Baby Names (D) in A-Z

    No.        Name   Meaning
    258.       Daityaha              The slayer of the daityas
    259.       Dakshah              Persevering
    260.       dakshayagapahari           The destroyer of the sacrifice of Daksha
    261.       Dakshinah          Skilful
    262.       Damanah            Worshipped by Death
    263.       Dambhah            The subduer
    264.       Dandi    With a stick
    265.       Darbhachari       Consumer of the offerings placed on the sacred grass
    266.       darbhAraNyesh               -
    267.       daridra (appearing in the form of) poor
    268.       Darpanah            The mirror
    268.       Dasabahuh         Ten-armed
    269.       daxaadhvarahara            the Remover of daxa's sacrificial rite
    270.       Dehah  The body
    271.       deva      deva, Divine, the Basic element (of world)
    272.       devadeva           -
    273.       Devadevah        The god of gods
    274.       Devadhipatih    The Lord of the gods
    275.       devagurunAth  -
    276.       Devah   Desirous of conquest
    277.       devaH   Divine
    278.       Devarshih           The divine sage
    279.       Devasimhah      Valiant among gods
    280.       Devasuraganadhyakshah            The king of the host of gods and demons
    281.       Devasuraganagranih      The leader of the hosts of gods and demons
    282.       Devasuraganasrayah     Sought by the hosts of gods and demons
    283.       Devasuraguruh                The Preceptor of the gods and demons
    284.       Devasuramahamatrah  The best of the gods and demons
    285.       Devasuramahesvarah   The great lord of gods and demons
    286.       Devasuranamaskritah   Adored by gods and demons
    287.       Devasuraparayanah       The supreme goal of the gods and the demons
    288.       Devasurapatih  The lord of the gods and the demons
    289.       Devasuravarapradah     The granter of boons to gods and demons
    290.       Devasuravinirmata         The Creator of the gods and the demons
    291.       Devasuresvarah              The inner Ruler of gods and demons
    292.       Devatatama       The inner soul of the gods
    293.       Devatidevah      He who shines transcending the senses
    294.       Devendrah         The lord of the gods
    295.       devesh the God of divines
    296.       Devodivi suparvanah     Worshipped by the Indra in Heaven
    297.       Dhanvantarih    the great physician
    298.       Dhanvi  The wielder of the bow
    299.       Dharah The Supporter
    300.       Dharmasadharanovarah              Favorable according to the virtue of his devotees
    301.       Dharottamah    The best of bearers
    302.       Dharshanatma  Of fearful shape
    303.       Dhata    Brahma
    304.       dhayApar            -
    305.       Dhritiman           Endowed with fortitude
    306.       Dhruvah              The immovable
    307.       Dhumaketanah                Fire
    308.       Dhumaketuh     The comet
    309.       Digvasah             Naked
    310.       Dinasadhakah   The assister of the weak
    311.       Dirghah                Of great height
    312.       dishAmpati        Lord of directions
    313.       durdharshha     the Inviolable
    314.       DurvAsah            Resident of difficult places

    315.       Dvadasah            The twelfth