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  • Wednesday, 3 August 2016

    How to select/suggest/determine a Baby name

    1 If you feel to several first names, try them out with the surname to see if they flow and sound right. Especially when spoken aloud

     2 It often sounds better if the first name and the And surname contain a different number of syllables. a plain surname can be given a lift by a stylish first name. Thus two short names together Jane Smith may sound curt or insignificant, whereas Kayla Smith or Zaranda Smith suggests livelier personalities with more energy and style. Bear in mind that a longer surname can often sound better with a short first name, for example John Camberley.

    3 Check for any meanings that may lurk in the combination of first name and surname. Ann and Eileen are both fine names but one would obviousl want to avoid Ann Teak or Eileen Dover.

     4 Avoid names that run together when you speak them like Beryl Lane. Such names may be confusing to anyone encountering them for the first time.

    5 if you choose a third (middle) name make sure it sounds right with the other two names.

    6 Remember that nicknames and shortened forms will be used whether you or the child like them or not William Gill may sound fine but Bill Gill les Avoid all names that rhyme, like Mavis Davis.

    7 Check the initials of the full name. If you daughter surname beginning with M and call your D-I-M- Delia Isobel or Dalya Irissa her initials will be not a fact that her peer group at school will probably allow her to forget.

     8 Be cautious about naming a child after some. Charismatic figure of the day. Names of this sort date easily, and fall out of fashion with the decline of interest in the hero or heroine concerned,

    9 If you like a name but wants to give it a new twist, maybe a different spelling or a variant from another language is the answer. If the name has been widely used for any of time you should find other forms and variants in this book. They will be listed under the most popular form of the name
    10 Be wary of names that are either too modern in a weird and wacky way, or too obviously archaic. Try to give your child an attractive name that will be within his or her comfort zone 1f you go to extremes in any direction the child may have to put up with a good deal teasing Check the chosen name against the list given an the "Gender-neutral name s com pages