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  • Tuesday, 6 September 2016

    Why? You need to read something before selecting a Baby name?

    I myself write my views due to so many views on every brain. The matter is very big but some people not care on it. The baby does not know the name that is going to name to him or her, therefore the mater on the hand of the parents as a duty.
    This duty is not a simple matter because the Name of the baby that is going to make a building under the birth of the particular Name in the society. So the Name, that will give an identification to the baby in the society rather than a Name. That will be pronounced, that will be called, that will be nominated, that will be ruled etc.
    In this manner, the name that a person getting from birth that continue in the history of the personal life and some names become more famous in the world, get a place and live in the world even the person die.

    So Name is a value of life that presents the nature of a person to the society and rule the person in the planet earth and other planets, comets...Etc.