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  • Thursday, 22 August 2013

    Indian baby names or hindu boy names with letter C

    Chaa-Chan Chap-Cz

    Chaanakya = a great scholar 

    Chaaruchandra = beautilful moon 

    Chaarudatt = born of beauty 

    Chaaruhaas = with beautiful smile 

    Chahel = Good cheer 

    Chaitan = consciousness 

    Chain = Peace 

    Chaitanya = consciousness 

    Chakor = a bird that loves the moon

    Chakradev = Lord Vishnu 

    Chakradhar = name of Lord Vishnu 

    Chakrapaani = name of Lord Vishnu 

    Chakravartee = a sovereign king 

    Chakresh = name of Lord Vishnu


    Chaman = flowering garden 

    Chamanlal = garden 

    Champak = a flower Chanak = father of Chaanakya 

    Chanchal = active 

    Chanchareek = bee 

    Chandak = the moon 

    Chandan = sandlewood 

    Chandavarman = an old King 

    Chandeedaas = name of a saint

    Chander = moon

    Chandra = moon 

    Chandrakiran = moon beam 

    Chandrabhan = the moon 

    Chandraabhaa = lusture of moon light 

    Chandraaditya = name of a King 

    Chandraanan = moon-like face 

    Chandraayan = the moon 

    Chandrabhaga = River Chenab 

    Chandrachur = Lord Shiva 

    Chandragupt = name of ancient king

    Chandrahaas = smiling like a moon

    Chandrak = peacock feather 

    Chandraketu = moon banner 

    Chandrakin = a peacock 

    Chandrakishore = the moon 

    Chandrakumar = the moon 

    Chandramaadhav = sweet 

    Chandramauli = Lord Shiva 

    Chandramohan = attractive like the moon 

    Chandran = the moon 

    Chandranath = the moon 

    Chandrpeed = name of Shiva 

    Chandraprakaash = moon light 

    Chandraraj = moonbeam 


    Chandrashekhar = Lord Shiva 

    Chandravadan = moon-like face 

    Chandresh = King of the moon

    Chane = name of a god, dependability

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