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  • Thursday, 17 December 2015

    Important Baby names are becoming popular every year

    The data from nameberry.com that they’ve discovered the names that are continually rising up the ranks, ready to take out some top spots in the next few years. 
    After poring over the list of 1000 most popular baby names in the US since 2001, the team found the names that have been consistently becoming more popular, finding how many places each one has moved up on average each year. Each name was then given a 'Hotness Quotient' based on that average; for example, as the name Finn has raised an average of 46 places each year since 2001, its Hotness Quotient is 46.
    Here are the 10 girls' and 10 boys' names more and more parents are falling in love with.

    Female name, hotness quotient

    Ivy, 21
    Aurora, 24 (Also a top entrant in our list 100 baby names on the rise in 2014
    Cora, 28 (Also in our list of popular names of 2013)
    Elsa, 32 (Also in UK's most popular baby names)
    Beatrice, 33 
    Juliet, 34
    Lila, 40
    Adeline, 43 (Also in our list of girls' names meaning 'noble')
    Stella, 44 
    Violet, 50 (Also in our list of flower-inspired girls' names)
    Also on the rise: Eleanor, Clara, Eliza, Phoebe

    Male name, hotness quotient

    Ezra, 25 (Also in 100 baby names on the rise in 2014)
    Jasper, 28 (Also in the top baby names in Australia right now)
    Declan, 28 (Also in the hipster baby names of 2014)
    August, 29 
    Sawyer, 31 
    Asher, 35 (Also in our list of boys' names meaning 'happy')
    Hudson, 36
    Silas, 37 (Also in most popular names of 2013)
    Emmett, 44
    Finn, 46
    Also on the rise: AbelRomanFelix