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  • Thursday, 17 December 2015

    Selected popular items for baby memorial Gift(Forever)

    In this Planet, there is perhaps nothing more heartbreaking than the death of an infant or child. Although the loss of any loved one is grievous and sad, losing a child can be particularly devastating to a family. The bereaved parents need most right now is the contact and warmth of friends and family. Show them that you care and support them, no matter how uncomfortable and overwhelming the situation. Even if you would like to give a gift then you can select anything that you wish.

    ·         ACTUAL footprints Ornament or Stone
    ·         Comfort Cross handmade in Bethlehem from olive wood or Laser    engraved by Wolf Den Engraving with accuracy of information.
    ·         Printed Card with match Poem or Sentences
    ·         Stone with a Blessing Sentence
    ·         Child Memorial statue, cherub statue, Baby Angel Statue, Angel Statue, Angel Statue Praying Child, Cupid Angel Statue, Hand Cast Stone
    ·         Angel Baby Canvas Wrap