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  • Wednesday, 16 December 2015

    Space Names for baby Boys with explanation

    1. Alan: Alan Shephard is known as the first American ever to land in space.
    2. Alioth: It is the shiniest star of Ursa Major which is a navigational star.
    3. Altair: It is the twelfth shiniest star in Aquila the Eagle constellation and the sky.
    4. Archer: It’s the name of the Sagittarius group of stars and means strength and power.
    5. Buzz: Dr. Buzz Aldrin was the second man to land on the moon after Neil Armstrong. Buzz is an adorable nickname for boys.
    6. Castor: The shiniest star belonging to the Gemini constellation is named Castor.
    7. Draco: It means ‘dragon’ in Latin and has been influenced by the name of the dragon that was slayed by Hercules.
    8. Edmund: Edmund Halley was an astronomer who calculated the orbit of Halley’s Comet.
    9. Galileo: If you are inspired by the works of Galileo, who was the first astronomer to find out the various moons in the planet Jupiter and the stages of Venus, then this name is perfect for your little boy.
    10. Holmes: It was the name of a comet known as one of the biggest objects in the entire solar system and is one of the commonly used space baby names.
    11. James: James is a popular name and also refers to James Lovell, an astronomer who commanded the Apollo 8 and 13.
    12. Janus: It is one of the moons in Saturn and named after a Roman god with two faces. Make sure that it’s not pronounced as Janice.
    13. Jupiter: The biggest planet in our solar system which is named to honor the chief god of the Roman mythology, Jupiter is one of the most interesting space names for boys.
    14. Leo: It’s the name of a constellation containing many shiny stars and was discovered quite early. It was rated as the 134th incredibly popular space baby name for boys during 2014.
    15. Mars: It is one of the planets in the solar system named to honor the war god in Roman mythology.
    16. Mercury: Name of the closest planet to the sun, this name is a tad bit powerful for baby boys, but sounds cool when converted to Merc.
    17. Nash: The Gamma Sagittarii star is also known as Nash. This was arguably the most well-liked space names for babies during 2012, but its popularity has declined ever since.
    18. Oberon: It is one of the largest moons in Uranus and sounds nice when pronounced as Auberon.
    19. Orion: This is the name of a constellation and is a very unique and lovely name for a boy.
    20. Perseus: It is a constellation located in the sky’s northern portion and is named to honor the famous Greek god responsible for defeating Medusa.
    21. Harlow: Harlow Shapley was an astronomer responsible for correctly estimating our galaxy’s size and the sun’s position during the twentieth century. It is a masculine name that has an appealing sound.
    22. Jericho: Meaning ‘city of the moon’, this name has origins in the Arabic language. Its lovely meaning and the ability to derive several nicknames from it makes it a super cool name for baby boys.
    23. Neil: The first person ever to land and walk on the moon, Neil is a well-liked name for baby boys.
    24. Nicholas: Nicholas Copernicus was an astronomer who presented the theory that our galaxy’s sun rests in the universe’s center. It’s a nice name that can be converted to Nic.
    25. Tycho: Tycho Brahe was an astronomer who created accurate measurements pertinent to our solar system.