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  • Thursday, 28 April 2016

    % of Astronumerology which planet Rule Your Name?

    Count like this
    The letters for the Planets  For exalmple if you Name is
    L = 3 , O=7, L=3  Then the total of it  3+7+3=13
    13 will be like this   1+3=4  So Uranus is you characteristic planet.

    BKR      =           2             Moon

    CGLS    =           3             Jupiter

    DMT      =           4             Uranus

    EHNX    =           5             Mercury            

    UVW     =            6             Venus

    OZ         =            7              Neptune

    FP         =            8             Saturn

    –             =             9              Mars

    The 9 is not allotted a letter because it was considered 'unknowable'. Once the numbers have been added establish which single planet rules your name and personal affairs. At this point the number nine can be used for interpretation. This is the reson for number nine.