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  • Friday, 6 May 2016

    lucky baby names and meaning

    The baby name LUCKY inspire many people due to the meaning is good luck .Why not give your baby boy or baby girl a lifetime of good fortune with a lucky baby name? We’ve gathered names from an array of origins to give you plenty of options for finding the perfect good luck baby name.
    Names that mean “good luck”
    Names from all over the world represent luck, including these

    For boys:
    • Ayers: English; Heir to a fortune
    • Cappi: Italian; Luck
    • Chance: English; Good luck, Good fortune
    • Ebisu: Japanese; God of labor and luck
    • Eyvindur: Icelandic; Lucky warrior
    • Faust: Italian; Lucky
    • Fausto: Spanish; Lucky
    • Felicio: Italian; Lucky
    • Felix: Latin; Lucky
    • Fortunato: French, Luck
    • Fortunatus: French; Luck
    • Fortune: French; Lucky
    • Fortunio: French; Luck
    • Jonah: Hebrew; One who brings bad luck
    • Lucky: English; Lucky, Fortunate
    • Mubarak: Muslim; One who is blessed, lucky
    • Sa’id: Arabic; Joyous, Lucky
    • Wapi: Native American; Lucky

    For girls:

    • Fausta: Italian; Lucky
    • Faustina: Spanish; Lucky
    • Fayola: African-American; Fortune
    • Felicia: English; Lucky
    • Felisa: Spanish; Lucky
    • Fortuna: Italian; Lucky
    • Kachina: Native American; Luck to the family
    • Kichi: Japanese; One who is lucky
    • Lakshmishree: Sanskrit; One who has good luck
    • Mazel: Hebrew; Luck
    • Ventura: Spanish; Good fortune