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  • Sunday, 1 May 2016

    Inspired Baby Boy Names By TV Shows

    Baby Boy Names From Television Shows:
    1. Luke:

    “Modern Family” fans would understand whom we are referring to here. The name garnered widespread popularity in the year 2012, probably because of Luke Dunphy. Its cousin Lucas is even more popular. And it also references to a character from “One Tree Hill”.

    2. Campbell:

    Campbell was never really a favorite name, but witnessed a huge jump since “Mad Men” hit the small screen. The name Campbell is as popular for girls as it is for boys. Even Pete Campbell would be honored by your choice.

    3. Parker:

    The show “Desperate Housewives” may have ended, but the monikers inspired by the characters of Wisteria Lane live on in many kids. Parker, the name of the youngest son of Tom and Lynette is a favorite with the American parents. It ranks 55th on the baby name list.

    4. Humphrey:

    Humphrey B. Bear is the protagonist of the Australian kid’s television series “Here’s Humphrey”. Meaning ‘peaceful warrior’, the moniker also brings to mind Humphrey Bogart, the greatest star in the history of American cinema.

    5. Mickey:

    Mickey is the name of the greatest cartoon characters of all time. Of Hebrew origins, Mickey is the variation of Michael and means ‘who is like God.’ It is currently the eighth most popular name in the United States.

    6. Jimmy:

    Jimmy is the name of one of the primary characters of “Breaking Bad” television series. It also belongs to one of the greatest American actors, Jimmy Stewart. Who can forget his role as George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

    7. Cameron:

    Here’s another “Modern Family” inspired the baby name. Cameron has witnessed a steady rise over the years, not just for boys, but also for the baby girls. This moniker current sits at the 54th spot on the Social Security list.

    8. Theo:

    Theo is the lovable character from “The Cosby Show”. Your son will have some great sweater style if you name him after Huxtable son’s name. Or you can use it as a short form for Theodore.

    9. Cory:

    Cory Matthews is the handsome hunk from the television series “Boy Meets World”. This one’s a serious name choice for your son. Your son will have a THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY in your house every day with a name like that.

    10. Milo:

    An alternative to the typical Miles, Milo because hugely popular after Georgina on “The Gossip Girl” selected it for her son. The name has maintained its place in the top 500-baby name list even after three years.

    11. Charlie:

    It was quite well established that a series like “Downton Abbey” would give rise to a wave of traditional names and that’s precisely what happened. Charlie was the name of Ethel Parks, and Major Bryant.

    12. Elliot:

    Elliot is the name of a character in one of the longest running television series “Law & Order”. This series is now in its 14th season, and the name is still steady on the charts.

    13. Finn:

    The popularity of the name Finn has increased manifold after “Glee’s” lovable character’. If you are expecting twins, call your child Rachel and Finn for a Gleek family.

    14. Dexter:

    This name is inspired by one of the most popular television series of all time “Dexter”. If you can get past the character’s dangerous methods, Dexter is quite a quirky name for baby boys.

    15. Nolan:

    “Revenge” the famous television series took not just the prime time, but also the baby name list by storm. The moniker Nolan, based on the character of the television series, is currently at the 88th spot.

    16. Cooper:

    Cooper isn’t just the last name of one of the “Man Men”, but is also the last name of Sheldon Cooper, the geeky hero of “Big Bang Theory”. It’s the first time a last name has made such a huge impact in terms of baby names.

    17. Archie:

    No, we are not talking about Archie from “Archie’s” comic. This name is inspired by ABC show “Once Upon A Time”. Amy and her husband Will name their child, Archibald, who’s better known as Archie.

    18. Preston:

    Preston is the name of one of Tom and Lynette’s twin babies in “Desperate Housewives”. It’s one of the classiest baby names in our opinion.

    19. Shane:

    “The Walking Dead” gave parents a chance to reconsider the moniker Shane, which was on the verge of disappearance.