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  • Sunday, 1 May 2016

    What do you mean by Ghetto Names? and the Girl names of GHETTO

    A ghetto name is a standard name with a tweaked spelling. It can be Stefany for Stephanie or Antwon for Antoine. Ghetto names are usually given by parents who do not know the traditional spelling of a particular name or choose to disregard it.

    1. Zendaya:

    The meaning of this ghetto name is ‘to give thanks’ in the Shona language. Zendi would make the best nickname for Zendaya.

    Fact- Shona is an African language spoken by 80% of the people of Zimbabwe.

    2. Makemba:

    The name Makemba comes from Central Africa and means ‘Congolese goddess.’ A mighty name it is.

    3. Tinashe:

    This one’s our favorite. Tinashe means ‘God’ is with us in the Shona language. Don’t you think it’s a cute name? The most obvious pick as a nickname is Tina.

    4. Sharkiesha:

    Sharkiesha is a twist on the familiar name Keisha. It’s considered one of the most common ghetto names. We even think it’s one of the most usable ghetto names.

    5. Akilah:

    Akilah is a variation of the Arabic name, Aaliyah. It means ‘intelligent and logical.’ In the year 2006, Keke Palmer and Angela Basset starred in a movie “Akeelah and the Bee”, which was probably inspired by this name.

    6. Kalisha:

    Here’s another good, ghetto name for your daughter. Kayli would make a good nickname for Kalisha.

    7. Nefertari:

    Nefertari is a twist on an Egyptian name. It means ‘most beautiful,’ which we believe your daughter truly is.

    8. Amani:

    Amani is a variation of the Arabic name, Imani and means ‘faith.’ Former football player, Amani Toomer is the most famous bearer of this name. He played for the New York Giants for 13 seasons.

    9. Shay Nay Nay:

    Shay Nay Nay is the ghetto name of Linda Johnson, who won the America’s Next Top Model title by shooting Tyra Banks in the head. Not the most positive name, but definitely unique.

    10. Ashanti:

    Ashanti was the name of a dominant African empire in West Africa. The name does not have a very positive meaning in the Hindi language. It means ‘chaos or trouble.’

    11. Adisa:

    Adisa is ghetto baby name for girls. It means ‘one who will teach us.’

    12. Desta:

    Desta comes from Amharic, a language of Ethiopia and means ‘joy’ or ‘happiness.’ It seems to be still stuck in the past. Maybe, your daughter can bring it back in vogue.

    13. Tanisha:

    Tanisha is the name of a Hausa in West Africa. It means ‘born on Monday.’ So if you like ghetto names, and your daughter was born on a Monday, name her Tanisha. And this name is widely popular in India too!

    14. Jillian:

    The variation Jillian is four times more popular than its real name Gillian. Most probably because the G version gives pronunciation confusion. The meaning of Jillian is ‘youthful’.

    15. Latonia:

    Latonia was the name of Diana’s mother in Roman mythology. It’s a Latin name but is a very popular ghetto name.

    16. Nzinga:

    The baby name Nzinga originates in Central Africa, and it means ‘beautiful.’

    17. Akhenaten:

    Akhenaten comes from the ancient Egyptian name Kennet, which means ‘devoted to Aten, the sun.’ Now, whether you worship the sun god or not, this name is sure to make your daughter stand out.

    18. Shaka:

    Shaka is one of the loveliest ghetto black girl baby names. It originates in South Africa and means ‘chief or leader.’

    19. Latoya:

    Latoya is not one of the typical ghetto names but is more of a black name. Some even regard it as one of the ghetto black names. Latoya Murphy is its most popular namesake. She serves as the Director of the Executive Secretariat in the U.S. Department of Commerce.

    20. Ciara:

    Ciara is an Irish Gaelic name, meaning ‘dark haired.’ You must be thinking that Ciara is not a ghetto name. Well, its original spelling is Kiara.

    21. Amandla:

    Amandla is a Xhosa or Zulu word, meaning ‘power.’ This word was a rallying cry in the days of resistance against Apartheid. Coming to the name, Amandla, is one of the least unusual ghetto names and would make a safe choice for your daughter.

    22. Amara:

    Amara is a Swahili word, meaning ‘urgent business.’ It’s also a Hindu name, meaning ‘immortal.’ The grown-up version of Amara could be anyone- from a fashion designer to a ballerina.

    23. Onika:

    Onika is Monica minus the ‘m’. It is an African word, meaning ‘warrior.’ An unusual name with a beautiful meaning.

    24. Lateefah:

    Lateefah is one of the most well-known and well-used ghetto names. It’s a North African name, meaning ‘pleasant and gentle.’ Even the Arabs are very fond of this name.

    25. Shanika:

    Shanika is an African Bantu name and means ‘young one from the wildernesses. It brings to mind a good girl with a dark side.

    26. Boniffa:

    Boniffa may seem a bit outdated today, but we think that it can still be considered. You can shorten it to Bonny for the nickname.

    27. Jakori:

    Jakori is not as elegant as Lateefah or Betricia, but is still a worthy option.

    28. Delquia:

    Delquia is a pretty much perfect ghetto baby name. It evokes the centuries of battle of the history of the African in just seven letters.

    29. Ollana:

    Ollana is both classic and modern at the same time.

    30. Raynelle:

    Raynelle is blessed with pet names for every mood. Sport and fun Ray, mysterious Rayna or flirtatious Riley.

    31. Yashnika:

    Yashnika sounds like a friendly girl from the neighborhood. Yashi is the most apt nickname for Yashnika.

    32. Betricia:

    Don’t you think it looks a lot like Patricia? We think it’s a combination of Betty and Patricia. But whatever it is, it sounds incredibly alluring.

    33. Lovaye:

    We’re pretty confident that this name is inspired by the word English word ‘love’. And what could be better than naming your child after this beautiful feeling?

    34. Laravia:

    Laravia would make a sassy name for your baby girl. And Lara would make the best nickname for Laravia.

    35. Tycia:

    Tyrcia was traditionally chosen for a boy, but has now crossed to the female side and shows no signs of going back.

    36. Donya:

    Donya sound so much better than its original and slightly dull name, Dona.

    37. Wanishia:

    This ghetto name has a 20th-century glamor to it. We believe that a girl with a real sense of style can give this name a lease of life.