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  • Sunday, 1 May 2016

    The Ghetto Baby Boy Names with meanings

    1. Deshawn:

    The ‘De in Deshawn indicates ‘son’ of and Shawn is a variation of Sean, which means ‘God is gracious.’ The name rose to prominence as one of the most famous ghetto names in the 1980’s.

    2. Tyrone:

    Tyrone is an Irish name and means ‘land of Own.’ It’s also the name of the famous actor, comedian and pundit Stephen Colbert’s middle name. So you have a great namesake too!

    3. Jerome:

    Jerome is a Greek name and means ‘sacred name.’ The name is inspired by a saint named Jerome. He was the one who translated the Old Testament from Hebrew into Latin.

    4. Javon:

    Javon is a variation of the Hebrew name Javan, who is said to be the guardian angel of Greece. The biblical Javan was the son of Japheth and is a favorite in contemporary America.

    5. Kabaka:

    Originating in Uganda, Kabaka is a short and straightforward name, meaning ‘king.’ The name sounds formal, upstanding and a bit pompous. We think it would work best for people looking for a name with a regal ring.

    6. Tyrese:

    The name Tyrese is a mix of Tyree and Terence. The name is considered one of the most attractive and usable ghetto names. Hundreds of Americans have also adopted this name.

    7. Idris:

    The name Idris has plenty of takers in Africa and America. It’s a Senegalese name and means ‘immortal.’ Even its nickname Iddie is on the rise.

    8. Isaiah:

    Here’s a Biblical ghetto name for your son. Isaiah is a combination of Isaac and Elijah. It means ‘Salvation of the Lord.’

    9. Dason:

    Dason could be the variation of Mason, Jason or Dawson. This name is just like vanilla, consistent and classic, but finds hard to make an impression. But there’s no denying that it’s a versatile name.

    10. Gomar:

    Gomar is one of the least appealing ghetto names in our opinion. It sounds like a weak variation of the Arabic name Omar.

    11. Hankario:

    This one is for sure inspired by a Japanese name. So if you are a fan of the Japanese name, Hankario can always be considered.

    12. Aswan:

    Aswan is strong, smart and robust. Now, what else do you want from the baby name?

    13. Kevonte:

    Kevonte comes from the name Kevin. You can use its original name for the nickname. It would be a great way to honor both Africans and Americans.

    14. Oshai:

    Have you heard the Hebrew name Ishai? Oshai is probably its variation. Oshai is undoubtedly a great name, but the name has been so familiar with the ghettos that it has lost its own identity.

    15. Zoltro:

    Zoltro sounds very compelling and very fresh as a ghetto name. We think it’s one of the latest creations of the African-Americans.

    16. Zamaria:

    Ia-ending has been added to a fairly common Arabic name, Zamar. Zamaria does sound a bit formal, but is still very adorable and charming.

    17. Quadria:

    Quadria is inspired by the Arabic name Qadir. The name is surprisingly common with the Africans. And we even think that they can bring a variation of this name as well.

    18. Olario:

    The name Olario sounds like a ghetto Shakespearean name. This solid name has been on the popularity charts for decades and shows no sign of decaying. And neither should it decline, after all, it looks and sounds so pleasing.

    19. Navarius:

    Navarius is a twist on the baby name Navarro, which means ‘plains.’ It sounds like someone who would feel most comfortable in his jeans and flip-flops. Nava would be a sweet nickname for Navarius.

    20. Ottacious:

    Don’t be surprised. We’ve heard stranger names than this.

    21. Harifaque:

    We think it’s a combination of Haris and Afaque, classic Arabic baby names. This moniker is slightly old fashioned, yet dapper and sophisticated. Break it down to Hari or tweak it to Harry and you have a modern-day boy ready to have fun.

    22. Imunique:

    I-am-unique! We know that your child is unique to you, but giving him this name could scar him for life. You can skip this one.

    23. Montanae:

    It is a variation of Montana. You can say it’s one of the ghetto’s place names. (Montana is a state in the western region of United States).

    24. Charrdannay:

    Is it the wrong spelling for Chardonnay, one of the most expensive wines? If yes, then it’s the most amusing ghetto variation we’ve seen in the recent times. It sounds pleasant, though!

    25. Rateeka:

    Rateeka is a ghetto name with a friendly wink. The name has become super trendy of late, not just with the Africans, but also the Americans. To ramp it up, call him Rati for short.

    26. Zamir:

    Zamir is heard widely amongst the Muslim African communities residing in the ghetto. This moniker sounds both amiable and princely, just as most of the parents want their child’s name to be.

    27. Xavera:

    A clear twist on the name Xavier. Xavera is a perennial favorite of the Africans. It’s probably because they believe they cannot beautify it anymore.

    28. Qyteria:

    This one’s a tough sell. Even the manliest of men would find hard to carry this name.

    29. Musonda:

    There’s something about Musonda that makes it seem age appropriate, right from the cute baby Mussi, to full grown Musonda.

    30. Diamonique:

    The name Diamonique transcends trendiness. It has remained one of the ghetto boy names for decades. The name indicates someone serious, solid, wise and dependable.

    31. Gervante:

    Gervante, the combination of Gerard and Levant seems like a name for all ages, all places, and all eras. It conjures up the image of a bow-tie wearing member of a royal family.

    32. Homarian:

    There are some names that you cannot picture on a baby or preschooler, and Homarian is one of them. This name sounds like it was made for a grown up man. Perhaps, shortening it to Homy might work.

    33. Shardy:

    The name Shardy is an all-time favorite with the Africans. It will work better as a middle name. What do you think?

    34. Amiracle:

    A-miracle, which most of the parents consider their child to be. But as a name, A-miracle will not get our thumbs up. It is too much ‘in the face’.

    35. Zavon:

    Another usable ghetto name. Zavon is a kind, smart, and friendly name and will never go out of style. Plus, Zavon name will go with the name of any length and ethnicity.

    36. Demontravius:

    The name Demon in this name might be a turn off for some.

    37. Jaheim:

    Jaheim is a rhythmic baby name. Famous R&B singer, named Jaheim could inspire the parents to pick this unusual ghetto name.

    38. Romelo:

    Romelo sounds a lot like a ghetto name. It’s a variation of the name Romulus, the twin founder of Rome. This version was also used by the famous singer Monica.