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  • Sunday, 1 May 2016

    Nicknames Boys from Ghetto

    1. Jada:

    Jada is a short and sweet ghetto nickname for your baby boy. It’s one of those names that is both ethnic, yet cool. You can switch it to Jade if you want it to be taken seriously.

    2. Falonda:

    Falonda sounds a bit strange for a given name. So we’d suggest you to use it as a nickname, if you are planning to consider it at all.

    3. Quanto:

    We’re 100% sure that this name is inspired by quantum physics. But the only catch is that it sounds more appropriate for an old man than a little boy.

    4. Trevon:

    As friendly as it can be, Trevon is an all-around ghetto black baby boy nickname. And one of the most viable picks too!

    5. Zaboy:

    Zaboy has a musty and ancient feel to it. We think that it would suit more as a nickname, but you are free to use it as a first name for your son.

    6. Kataya:

    This name had its moment of popularity last decade, but is now almost resting in the grave. It can only be used as a pet name now.