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  • Sunday, 1 May 2016

    The trend of Baby names (According to twitter and some post from twitter and some Articles)

    Michelle Romano @michellleromano  17 Std.Vor 17 Stunden Washington, DC
    Reading an article with the top baby names of 2016 and all I can think of is...

    Just saw an article with the top baby names predicted for 2016. Bae was one of them.  Not even lying. 🙈
    Some people also predict for next year baby names but really it is a myth how baby names coming front from one year to another.One article from www.elle...
    11 Baby Names That Will Be Big Next Year
    Read this article and tell ,how can you believe about nex year prediction?
    In twitter Sarah O
    I just read an article about popular baby names. You know, so I know what not to name the baby I'm not having in 2016.
    Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard, has studied global naming trends for some time. She says: “There has been an enormous revolution in how we name children. In the past there was a concept of a 'normal’ name. There was a set pool of names from which you expected the vast majority of babies to be named. There was a time in England when a quarter of all babies were named John and Mary. Today there is a premium on being unique, or at least sounding creative.” Celebrity and cultural trends play a huge part in the emergence of names
    Why people changing the trend of names?
    When I am thinking about the Baby names and selection,most  people like a simplicity and stylich Names for the childrens.
    Emma France says that at the doctor’s surgery last week when the nurse called out for “Huxley” two of the three mothers in the room stood up. “I thought it was hilarious. I really did.” It was the first time she’d ever encountered another Huxley.
    Between Sophia, Emma and Olivia for girls and Aiden and Liam for boys, last year’s hottest baby names all weighed in on some level of “sweet.”

    This year, it’s all about the classics — with a Swedish twist.

    Nameberry, a baby name database and resource for wannabe novel writers, analyzed its data to see which names had the biggest popularity spike in the last 30 days. The results show the most-picked names for kids born in 2016 are surprising, to say the least.

    The trendiest baby names for girls:

    The trendiest baby names for boys:

    The name Astrid, which is expected to catch on this year in a big way, has been a Swedish mainstay for several years now.

    For boys, it looks like James will be making a comeback in 2015 after experiencing a 72 percent bump in popularity on Nameberry.The Article and social meadias coming to conclution of the style of life and factors behind the contemporary contexr.